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Mission Possible

       Ann Doll, The Cute Photographer, is on a mission to bring back Kindergarten. What does that mean, you say? It means bringing back the light hearted fun of kindergarten: the silly excitement of receiving a star for good behavior, the thrill of sharing “Show & Tell” with a captive audience, the delirium of getting a fun sticker on your project. These simple joys are the cogs of Ann Doll’s mission.

        Armed with packs of stars and stickers purchased from the local Dollar Store, Ann Doll cheerily dispenses stars to the clerks at the dry cleaner for always doing an amazing job. Upon receiving tiny gold stars, the clerks light up like Christmas trees. The grins on their faces are blinding. Receiving stars makes people feel special, like a STAR!

         Next, Ann Doll initiates a Show & Tell session with a lady in line at the grocery store. Ann discloses her latest Show & Tell, crocheting hats for charity, which delights the lady. In turn, the lady joyfully recants her crafting success with quilting. The lady is even inspired to start a new quilt. Having a captive audience, a personal cheerleader, is food for the soul.

         While hanging out at a crowded art opening, Ann Doll pulls out a handful of stickers: ladybugs, fairies, stars, flowers. With this mere gesture, an offering of manna to the masses, the crowd gets all giddy with anticipation; which sticker shall I choose? Instant smiles accompany each sticker choice. And, the collective chorus of, “Oh, I just LOVE stickers” is sweet music to Ann Doll’s ears. Sometimes Ann Doll takes a “Selfie” with the joyful sticker recipients, though it is not mandatory.

         If you care to join Ann Doll’s mission to bring back Kindergarten, here are a few easy steps:

  • Smile!

  • Pretend that every day is Christmas

  • Give out stars to family, friends and co-workers for a job well done! (No stars, no problem, a verbal star will do!)

  • Share your triumphs and applaud the success of others ~ Show & Tell!

  • Give people stickers just because. . . (No stickers, no problem, a          compliment will do!)

         Bringing back Kindergarten is just a fun way to make the people in your life feel special. And, when people feel special they tend to give their best to the world! Ann Doll thinks that bringing Kindergarten back is a Mission Possible!



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