Once a month, Ann Doll likes to send out Snail Mail to celebrate the different holidays throughout the year. The snail mail consists of: 

  • A Custom Ann Doll Sticker to match the holiday of each month
  • A Handmade Card
  • A few bonus stickers

Besides the monthly letter, everyone receives a birthday card and a Christmas/Holiday Card in December. 

Ann Doll's Holiday Club: Fun Snail Mail!

Subscription Service
  • Ann Doll's monthly snail mail will be sent out the second week of each month. Plus one month a year the recipient will receive a letter and a Birthday Card. 

  • We use the Age Group to customize the Content/Stickers for the Snail Mail. Please add the age group to the birth month and day above. Thanks.

    • Kid: Ages 3 - 11
    • Tween: Ages 12 - 17
    • Young Adult
    • Adult 

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