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Recycling on Photo Shoots!

Deep down we all want to recycle; yet, it can be confusing to know what to toss and where. So, for an easy, fun solution for recycling on your next photo shoot, have your PA make three signs:

1. Recycle Bottles

2. Recycle Cans


For those visual learners out there, tape and empty bottle to the Recycle Bottles sign and an empty can to the Recycle Cans sign. Then get three trash cans or a trash can and two large plastic bags for the recycle items. Place one sign above each receptacle and Voila, Easy to Follow Recycling!

Last Monday I used this Easy to Follow Recycling method on a photo set; and, it was my most successful attempt at recycling EVER! I did my Happy Dance all the way home with three big bags full of bottles and cans. Yay!

Though this Easy to Follow Recycling method is terrific for photo shoots, it can also be used at parties, meetings, networking events, and gallery openings! Yay!

Ann says, "Recycle, Please!"

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