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Creative Mornings

Creative Mornings is a lovely event held once a month that hosts creative speakers and provides breakfast as well. This free event, held at the Woodruff Arts Center, was wonderful! The speaker, Kyle Brooks of Black Cat Tips, was amazing! He spoke on being Weird, and his presentation was STELLAR! Mr. Brooks was funny, kooky, weird, and captivating! His slide presentation was hilarious. . . it was almost like watching a stand up comedian. I even got a Selfie with Mr. Brooks at the end! Yay!

Also, I met a super cute artist, William Massey, whose signature colors are the same as Ann Doll's! As you can see, she blends into his artwork just like ET! LOL! William put together a collaborative piece of art to be auctioned off at the Creative Mornings event! Yay!

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