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Mentor Roll Call

Mentors are wise people that inspire you to become the best version of yourself. I am lucky to have Five wonderful mentors. With each encounter, these mentors have challenged me to reach my goals and beyond.

The first wise person is Dr. Penny Waddell, an amazing Speech teacher; who wrote the book that is used for the class. She has been my teacher and mentor since 2013. Whenever we cross paths, Dr. Waddell always has encouraging words to help me reach my latest goal. Dr. Waddell is so cool, she even has her own App: Speech Shark. I am so fortunate to have Dr. Waddell as my teacher, my mentor, and my friend. Yay!

The second wise person is Sarah Storrer, a super-efficient Producer and Production Coordinator. Sarah took me under her wing while I was an intern at BIG Studio and showed me the ins and outs of the Photo world. She quizzed me on equipment, showed me how to order production lunches, and set high standards for how BIG Studio should be maintained. Sarah even made me do push-ups after lunch every day insisting that I needed to be strong enough to carry photo equipment. Sarah was RIGHT! I will always be grateful for all the knowledge, connections, and insight that Sarah has shared with me as an intern and continues to share to this day. Yay!

The third wise person is Darcie Adler, the co-founder of The Spin Style Agency. Darcie, a business wiz and branding guru, has helped me streamline my business and tweak my branding so that everything is tight. She takes time out of her busy schedule to critique my latest products for my online store. Darcie has impeccable taste and I feel confident that the products she likes will be best sellers. In a sweet way, Darcie always nudges me to go beyond my comfort zone to try a new approach, to network, to Soar!

The fourth wise person is Beth Lily, Director of the APG Gallery. Beth Lilly has embraced my unconventional style of photography from our very first encounter. . . she gets ME! She along with Ainie Hastings have encouraged me to stay the course and celebrate my quirky-ness! They have graciously been promoting my books and calendars in the APA Gallery Gift Shop! Yay!

The Fifth wise person is Arnika Dawkins, owner of the Arnika Dawkins Gallery. Arnika Dawkins was kind enough to review my portfolio and to go over all my books to review, critique, and help me tweak them. I am so grateful for that experience; I felt so special to have a private portfolio review with Ms. Dawkins. Though I have only known Ms. Dawkins a very short time, she has given me great advice to help me with my business and to help me clarify my photography goals. I can't thank her enough!

They say it takes a whole village to raise a child. Well, I am so fortunate to have a whole village of Mentors to help me fly!

Dr. Penny Waddell

Sarah Storrer

Darcie Adler

Beth Lilly

Arnika Dawkins

( Photo Credit: Arnkia Dawkins Gallery Facebook Page}

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