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It's Garden Time!

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

It's Garden Time!

There are many types of gardens to create depending on your skill set and available space.

1 - Container Garden: One can use large flower pots to plant tomatoes, herbs, and flowers. This is perfect for people with limited space like apartment dwellers. These pots can sit on the balcony, if you have one, or in the window of your apartment. For home dwellers new to gardening, container gardening is the perfect way to start. Place flower planters on your front porch and place a container or two of tomatoes or herbs on your patio or deck. Yay!

2 - Square Foot Garden: Square Foot Gardening is a method to make gardening super simple and effective by planting a garden in a 4 ft x 4 ft box. This type of garden is terrific for backyards that may only have one patch of sun and the rest shade. Square Foot gardening is a terrific way to introduce gardening to Elementary Schools or Boys and Girls Clubs.

3 - Backyard Gardening: Planting a garden in your backyard is the most common way to garden. You can plant directly in the ground or you can have a series of Raised Beds (above ground).

4 - Raised Bed Gardening: Making your own raised beds can be a fun family project. Just purchase some cedar wood or pine wood boards at the local lumber yard. While at the lumber yard, have them cut your boards to size so that all you have to do is nail/screw them together when you get home. Yay!

5 - Edible Landscaping: This is where a designer like Tylee Sewel of Tylee Edible Designs will use fruit trees, herbs, vegetables and more to landscape your entire yard front to back. All the plants used can be harvested to feed your family. Yay!

6 - Community Garden: Turn that vacant lot in your neighborhood into a lovely vegetable garden. All the families in the 'hood can volunteer to water and weed the garden. Come harvest time, the whole community can enjoy fresh veggies! Yum!

7 - Visit a Garden: If you lack a green thumb totally, you can always visit a garden and enjoy the beautiful flowers and foliage. Atlanta Botanical Garden and Gibbs Garden are two wonderful gardens to visit all year round.

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