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Farmer D Organics

Farmer D Organics is more than just a garden store. The store carries furniture, kitchenware, gifts and accessories along with their amazing cedar wood, raised bed, garden boxes. Farmer D Organics also sells Pesticide Free plants and herbs for your garden. It is so comforting to see the Pesticide Free Ladybug sign on the front door of the store! Yay!

As the holidays approach, Farmer D Organics is giving local artisans a chance to display their wares. Tylee Sewell and I are among the local artisans to partake in this opportunity. Tylee is selling her wonderful Hydra-Oyas: clay pots that irrigate your garden, while I am selling my garden related children's books! Yay! Now you can add a trip to Farmer D Organics to your holiday shopping spree!

Farmer D Organics Furniture

Farmer D Organics Furniture

Farmer D Organics Kitchenware

Tylee Sewel and Ann Doll at Farmer D Organics

Let's Plant a Tree with Tylee! Books & Hydra-Oyas

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