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Gender Parity Globally. . .

The definition of Gender Parity:

"Gender parity is a 50:50 ratio of males and females accessing education, in the workplace, and holding public office. Analyzing gender parity in education means a comparison of female and male learners’ level of access to education at each level of education, including early childhood development programs. Gender parity amongst teaching staff and other education personnel should also be sought." Source INEE. (2010). Pocket Guide to Gender: Gender Equality in and through Education.

Gender Parity is one of the causes highlighted by International Women's Day. In many countries around the world, women, females, girls are denied access to education, jobs, political offices, and even religious posts at their church. Focusing on creating a Gender Balance in all areas of life: social, economic, education, and religious, is a priority. This year the Campaign theme for International Women's Day is #PressforProgress. So if everyone makes a commitment to provide Gender Parity in their corner of the world, the faster the ratio of 50:50 male to female balance in life will be achieved. Yay!


International Women's Day

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