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Earth Day 2018

Ending Plastic Pollution is the focus of Earth Day 2018. Plastic bottles and plastic bags litter our beaches, highways, neighborhoods, etc. Plastic Pollution is a hazard to both wildlife and marine life. Birds, fish, and other aquatic life get caught in the the plastic six pack rings; you know the plastic rings that hold a six pack of soda or beer cans together. Also, larger fish may swallow plastic bags because in the water, plastic bags may look just like the tasty jellyfish they were going to have for lunch.

Some states like California have banned the use of plastic bags in retail stores. And, until your state of residence joins in, you can make use of reusable totes to carry your retail purchases. Every little bit helps to save our environment and the EARTH!

For more ideas on how to help save our Planet and join in the crusade to eliminate Plastic Pollution, check out the website:

Recycle Plastic Containers and Bags

Recycling Center dumpsters

Real Jellyfish not plastic bags

Reusable Tote! Yay!

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