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Jan 20, 2020 MLK Jr. Holiday

This year The Martin Luther the King Holiday falls on Jan 20, 2020! This a great opportunity to Dream BIG, focus on Freedom (World Peace), Unite to solve Climate Changes, And Uplift Humanity!

Creating a Vision Board is one way to Dream BIG. Though taking daily action, no matter how small, will make your dream come true.

Freedom/World Peace can begin in your own home; how are you treating your family, friends, and co-workers? Are you treating those closest to you with compassion? Or, are you feeding the Drama Mill?

Unite to solve Climate Changes can be as simple as stop using plastic straws, plastic bags, and single use water bottles. Other ways to unite is to donate money, supplies and or time to parts of the world that are suffering from the effects of Climate Change. Two such places that can really use some support are: The Amazon Rain Forrests and The Bush fires in Australia. To donate to the Amazon Rain Forrest click here. To help with the Bush fires in Australia click here.

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