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The Spring

Scott Harrison, a former Nightclub Promoter, created a charity where 100% of the money donated goes to providing clean water to the people around the world. Shall I repeat the part about 100% of the money people donate in fact goes to building wells, or rainwater collecting systems or water filtration plants. His charity is called, Charity: Water. Not only has Scott Harrison provided clean water to numerous countries around the world, he has transformed the model of how charities work as well. When Scott was setting up Charity: Water, he realized that most of his friends didn’t trust charities; they were skeptical about how funds were being used. Therefore, Scott vowed that 100% of the money donated would absolutely go to water projects. Starting out, Scott opened up two bank accounts: one to hold the charity money and one for overhead costs: money to run the organization: office rent, salaries, office supplies, etc. Charity: Water also uses Locals (native people of that country) to build and run the water projects. Scott also devised a way to track all the donations and send each donor a photo and Google Map coordinates of the wells built by their money! Stellar! Charity: Water also uses Locals (native people of that country) to build and run the water projects. There are several ways you can donate to Charity: Water. Birthday The Well The Spring Birthday - People forgo having a birthday celebration and ask that friends and family donate their age in dollars to Charity:Water. For example; if it is your 13th birthday, all your friends and family will donate $13 to Charity: Water in your honor. The Well - Is sponsorship of the overhead fund to run Charity: Water. Many corporations will sign three year contracts to provide X amount of dollars to the Overhead fund to keep Charity: Water running. The Spring - This is a new way to donate to Charity:Water. It is subscription based where you donate monthly much like your subscription to Netflix, or Spotify or your favorite app. So you can donate $30 a month, $5 a month, $100 a month: whatever amount fits your budget. According to Scott Harrison, it costs $30 to provide one person with clean water. Let’s help Scott in his mission to provide Clean Water to every person on the planet Earth! Let’s start by joining The Spring today! Yay!

Yay for Clean Water around the World!

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