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Crochet the Day Away!!

Crochet the Day AWAY!! Do you love to crochet? If so, perhaps you can volunteer to crochet hats, scarves, or blankets for preemies at the hospital, people in shelters, or even pets in rescue shelters. It's fun to use your crochet hook to spread Love and Joy! Yay!

The website Starting Chain lists 10 Charities that need Crocheted, knitted, and Sewn items.. Those charities include:

  1. "Binky Patrol donates handmade blankets to children with illnesses, those in foster care, and other kids experiencing trauma.

  2. Care Wear donates handmade baby items like hats, booties, blankets, mittens, and IV covers to hospitals in the US, Canada, and Italy.

  3. Warm Up America donates handmade afghan blankets to people in need.

  4. Operation Gratitude sends care packages overseas to deployed troops, and handmade hats and scarves are welcomed by this organization.

  5. Pink Slipper Project donates slippers to women and children in shelters across the country.

  6. Hat Box Foundation donates handmade hats to cancer patients across the country.

  7. Soldiers’ Angels is a veteran-focused nonprofit that has a special sewing team for crocheting blankets, slippers, catheter bag covers, and other items for hospitalized veterans.

  8. The Precious Pals Program donates sweater-clad stuffed animals to local law enforcement agencies across the country,

  9. Project Linus donates handmade blankets to sick children across the United States.

  10. Afghans for Afghans sends handmade hats, blankets, vests, and other goods to the people of Afghanistan."

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