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Eco-Friendly Tips

Single Use Plastic

At the beginning of Summer, Yoga Teacher/Alo Ambassador, Naya Rappaport, made a post to announce the Bikini Beach Clean Up that she and her girlfriends Ashley Marie and Salila Thuy were hosting in South Florida. In her post, Naya talked about the importance of eliminating single use plastics in our daily lives to help save the the environment. Naya's post really inspired me to "Re-Think" all the plastic choices I was making in my day to day products. I was shocked at how much plastic I was using other than the "Single Use Water Bottle!" My contribution to our local landfill was major! All Summer long I watched my purchases at the grocery store. I began to eliminate and replace each plastic enclosed product with an Eco Friendly version! Yay!

I want to share some Eco Friendly tips to help save our Planet! The beginning Tip: start watching how much plastic you buy/use on a daily basis. Awareness fosters solutions! Yay! Also, feel free to chime in with your Eco Friendly tips; we all want to know more ways to help Save our Planet! Super Yay!

Tip #1 - Single Use Water Bottles can be replaced with the following:

  1. Glass Jars

  2. Reusable Bottles

  3. Metal Water Bottles

  4. Hot/Cold Thermos bottles

  5. Collapsible Water Bottles

Tip #2 - Hummus in Plastic Containers

  1. Make Hummus instead of buying small containers of Hummus daily.

  2. Buy one big tub of Hummus instead of so many small containers.

  3. If you are not handy at cooking/preparing Hummus; you can buy a big container of Hummus from your local Mediterranean Restaurant. Have them put the Hummus in a glass storage container that you provide.

Tip #3 - Replace Single Use Yogurt Snacks with the following:

  1. Fruit smoothie that you make yourself

  2. Fruit Acai Bowls

  3. Make homemade yogurt

  4. Eat Fresh Fruit

  5. Buy a large tub of Yogurt instead of so many small containers

Tip #4 - Salad Mix in a Plastic Box, Tomatoes in a Plastic box

  1. Buy fresh salad greens (not in containers)

  2. Buy fresh tomatoes on the vine or loose (not in containers)

  3. Grow a winter garden of greens: Kale, Lettuce, Collards

  4. Grow a Summer garden of: Tomatoes, Peppers & other Veggies

Cloth Rags and Cleaner

Tip #5 - Disinfectant Wipes

  1. Replace with cloth rags and Big bottle of Spray Cleaner

  2. Make your own rags from old tee shirts

  3. Make your own cleaner from Baking Soda and White Vinegar

  4. Cloth rags can be washed and reused

Tip #6 - Plastic Storage Containers

  1. Buy glass storage containers

  2. Reuse jars from spaghetti sauce/peanut butter etc.

Tip #7 - Plastic Grocery Bags

  1. Paper Bags

  2. Canvas tote Bags

  3. Reusable Grocery Bags

  4. Wicker Baskets

  5. Metal Baskets

  6. Note: Plastic Grocery Bags are banned in some states like California.

Tip #8 - Plastic Jars

  1. When you have to purchase items in plastic (you have no choice) Re-Purpose the Jar

  2. Store buttons

  3. Store nails

  4. Store craft items

  5. Make a Swear Jar for your office

Tip #9 - Plastic Straws​

  1. Glass Straws

  2. Bamboo Straws

  3. Paper Straws

  4. Metal Straws

  5. Pasta Straws

  6. Drink from the glass (no Straw)

  7. Straw-less lids on drinks

Tip #10 - Paper Towels

  1. Cloth Towels

  2. Cloth rags

  3. Rags made from tee shirts

  4. Thin work sponges

  5. Natural Fiber Sponge

  6. Shammy towels

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