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Happy New Year times Three!

This year I celebrated the New Year three times! On January 1st, I celebrated the Western New Year by watching the parades on TV, dressing up and eating a fancy meal. The Western New Year is based on the Gregorian Calendar. Then, on January 25th I celebrated the Vietnamese New Year with my Asian Family. The Vietnamese New Year is based on the Chinese Lunar calendar; it is the Year of the Metal Rat.

"Vietnamese New Year or Lunar New Year is known in Vietnam as Tet Nguyen Dan, or simply Tet, the Lunar New Year is a celebration of spring and the upcoming year. The Tet holiday starts on the beginning of a new year based on the Chinese lunar calendar. On the Gregorian calendar, the Lunar New Year falls between the end of January and the middle of February. In most of Vietnam, Lunar New Year celebrations last at least three days. During this time, the Vietnamese people spend time with family and friends while reminiscing about the past year." ~~ by Halox

Losar is the Tibetan New Year which I celebrated on January 24 by going to the Monastery to listen to the Monks chant prayers. Afterwards, I enjoyed yummy Tibetan rice with almonds and raisins along with Tibetan Chai Tea. According to the Tibetan New Year, this year is 2147, the Year of the Metal Mouse/Rat.

Yay! I love celebrating Holidays!

Western New Year Celebration 2020

Happy New Year 2020

Achievement Awards at the Vietnamese New Year

Beauty Pagent at the Vietnamese New Year Celebration

Happy Losar: Tibetan New Year Celebration

Happy Losar: Tibetan New Year 2147

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